Hot Products: 10-600W 130LM/W LED Floodlight, 50-200W 130LM/W IP65 LED Linear High Bay, ETL/DLC Listed 130LM/W UFO IP65 LED High Bay Light, 18-80W 130LM/W LED Lin100-130LM/W CRI80 TUV Marked LED Panel Light(UGR<19), 120LM/W Glass LED Tube
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Basic Information
We, Origlite LED Lighting CO., LTD. (, founded in 2006, have been professionally a leading manufacturer of LED residential and commercial lights with a staff of 160 and an area of 8,000 square meters. During the years of 2004-2006, Origlite produced CFL(compact fluorescent light). Presently we have rich experience in LED production. Origlite is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen city, China.

Origlite Advantages                                                                                          factory, LEDs package, BridgeLUX/SamSung LED chip, 80-120LM/W, isolated constant current driver(Meanwell, LIFUD, TRIDONIC branded driver).              - Brand: ORiGLiTE       - Engineers & Technicians: 12 people                             - LED Chip: Cree, BridgeLUX, SamSung         - Driver/Power: Meanwell, LEDfriend   - Monthly Capacity: 500000pcs/month                                            - Certification: UL, CE, SAA, PSE, RoHS    - Sample Date: 3-5 days                    - Delivery Time: Within 10 -15 days                    

Product Ranges
We specialize in three product lines: LED light source, LED fixtures, LED intelligent lights. LED intelligent lights include sound controlled and IR sensor LED fluorescent tubes, LED lamps with infrared induction, LED lights with remote control, dimmable LED lamps with a triac, LED panel lights with colour-temperature control, LED lights with DALI intelligent dimmable power. LED driver is self-developed in our factory. Presently we have been a product chain of LED lights, in which we take much pride.

LED Light Source(Encapsulation of LED)
Since 2007 we have imported three ASM bonders, three KS wire bonders, and a Japanese automatic dispenser, two sorting machines. We have been producing COB LED, SMD LED 5050, 3014, 5630, 2835with high luminous LUX. LED chip is originally from Cree, BridgeLUX, Samsung, Citizen, Edison, or customized.

Isolated Electrical Power
These years we have been developing isolated electrical powers and put them into use in LED fixtures, conforming to quality standards of safety, high efficiency and energy-saving. So they can pass the export certification. In efficiency, ≥5W: more than 80%; ≥10W: more than 85%. In power factor, ≥7W: more than 0.9.

Light Body Parts
Structures of light body and parts are designed by our engineering team, and then the new developments are molded in our factory. They have ideal effect of heat dissipation. Our product concepts, excellent performance, nice shape, good quality parts, competitive prices.

LED Lights
Basing on advancements technically made in LED light source, electrical driver and power, we have extended research and manufacture of LED lighting fixtures. We focus on two lighting categories for COB LED residential lights and COB LED intelligent lights, featured LED bulb and candle light series, COB light series(COB down light, COB tube light, COB track spotlight, COB PLC light, COB high bay light, COB floodlight), PIR sensor light series(18W, 20W 1800LM PIR sensor T8 tube light, PIR sensor down light, high bay light with PIR sensor, 100W, 150W floodlight with PIR sensor for oil and gas station). 50W CRI90 COB Track Spotlight,12W COB PAR20,18W PAR38,80W COB Down Lamp,120LM/W SMD LED tube lamp, 140LM/W COB Tube,600W COB High Bay,Oil Station COB Floodlight, DALI Power Lamp, Dimmable RGB Floodlight, IR Sensor COB Lights. TUV certified tube lamp, SAA listed PAR light with built-in driver, SAA listed dimmable down light, SAA listed track spotlight.

Featured LED Lights                                                                                         
- 50W CRI90 COB Track Spotlight                                                                       - 12W COB PAR30, 18W PAR38 in 6 series                                                        - 40-80W COB Down Lamp with flowing fluid in heatsink for heat emission      - 120LM/W SMD LED Tube lamp                                                                         - 400-600W COB High Bay                                                                                - Oil Station COB Floodlight                                                                               - DALI Power Lamp                                                                                            - IR sensor LED floodlight, Dimmable RGB Floodlight with remote control         - IR Sensor LED Lights                                                                                       - Featured LED lights with flowing fluid in heatsink(vacuum transition technology)                                                                                                       - Philips chip glass LED bulb                                                                               - CREE/BridgeLUX chip 30-600W featured LED high bay light in 5 series          - BridgeLUX chip COB LED down lights in multi-series                                       - LED R7s, G24 PLC light for Osram lamp replacement                                      - dimmable SamSung chip SMD LED panel light with a triac                               - Waterproof IP68 LED maritime spotlight, LED spotlight for fishing lighting(anti-seawater, anti-corrosion, anti-waterpressure


A Photoelectricity Laboratory
For strict control of quality we have established a photoelectricity laboratory. Prior to shipment our products have to be tested with the following instruments, integrating-sphere photometer, EMC instrument, high voltage tester, insulation resistance tester, high and low temperature tester, vibration measurement instrument, torsion meter, etc. Besides, we have two dust-free workshops of ten thousand-grade of cleanness, an aging test workshop,a quality-control room,as well as a display hall of LED products with analogue lighting scenes.



Certification  & Energy Efficiency                                                                     We have gotten CE, SAA, PSE, CCC, RoHs certification. UL listed 1.2m fluorescent tube, UL listed floodlight, track spotlight, ASE approved down light, SAA recognized bulb light, SAA recognized spotlight, which contribute to enormous sales of our products in the target markets.     

Standard certification makes our products of high luminous LUX, high luminous efficacy, high power efficiency, high performance in heat emission, more popular with global markets and end users. Origlite have been an important supplier mainly in Europe, US, Middle East, Eastern and southern Asia, especially for energy management contract, LED replacement plan, system of credits exchange for LED, OEM and ODM businesses, customized led lights, special led lights, non-standard led lights (LED lights for gas station, filling station, brewery, LED submarine lights for fishing lighting below 30 meters, 40W LED track spotlight of CRI above Ra 80, etc) in the world.  we had a very good sales with clients of light shop, lamps distributor, stockist, lighting project company, design company, and online shop(Ebay, Amazon, BestBuy, Gmarket, etc) in overseas markets.

 LED Application


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