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130lm/w New LED Floodlight of Module Type(ROTATABLE)
Model No. :OR-FLSMDB50W,100W,150W,200W,300W,400W,500W,600W
Rated Power :  50W,150W,200W,300W,400W,500W,600W
Input Voltage :  90-277VAC
Luminous Flux :  130lm/W(Phlips,Osram chip)
CRI :  80Ra
Sizes : 
Introduction&Application : 

Features & Parameters Light & Illuminance Structural & Packaging Installation Drawing


1. Power Supply
鈼 150,000 Hour electrolytic driver IC
鈼 Constant current power supply, 85-277VAC, water proof, IP68, PF0.98, 88% efficiency
鈼 Electritic design of anti-statics, anti-overvoltage of 4000VAC, anti-thunderstrike, anti-surge
鈼 IP67 connector of electrical wire. brown wire: live, blue wire: neutral, green wire: earth  
2. Optoelectricity
鈼 SMD LED3030, 130lm/w(lumen of Philip, OsramLED chip)
鈼 130lm/w for floodlight
鈼 80% Lumen maintenance after 60,000 hours 
鈼 SMD LEDs3030 not completely arrayed in the middle area to avoid heat accumulation   
鈼 60掳, 90掳, 80掳脳120掳, 90掳脳150掳  beam angle
3. Aluminum Heat Sink & Heat Dissipation
鈼 Die-casting aluminum(6063-T5), electroplated and polised to a deep, high polish                                                                                           鈼 Rotatable heat sinks, angle of + / - 30
鈼 Module design for high performance of heat dissipation
鈼 Alluminum straight fins heat sink designed to increase its surface area. 34pcs of heat sink fins designed. More air bypasses the fins
鈼 The power supply is 2mm-distance from heat sink, to avoid heat result from the power and the heat sink to dispate to each other
鈼 IP67 rated, class 鈪,  avaiable to withdraw dust and moisture
鈼 Rugged and durable 
鈼 Two aluminum panels applied to fix the aluminum straight fins of heat sink

50-600W LED Floodlight of New Module Type
(Meanwell / Sosen Powered, Philips Chip LED, Die-Casting Aluminum Heat Sink, 50000 Hour Life Span, 3-year warranty) 
Item No. Input 
Rating  Power
Power  Factor LM  Flux  (LM) Lumen 
CRI  (Ra) Sizes
at 5m at 10m at 15m at 20m
OR-FLSMDB 50W  85-277VAC 50W SMD 2014  0.6w, 78 0.92 6500 130LM/W 69.41 17.35 7.72 4.34 鈮80

251x 138x88

OR-FLSMDB 100W  85-277VAC 100W SMD 2014  0.6w, 156 0.92 13000 130LM/W 109.9 27.48 12.21 6.87 鈮80 251x 184x88 2020
OR-FLSMDB 150W  85-277VAC 150W SMD 2014  0.6w, 234 0.92 19500 130LM/W 142.5 35.63 15.84 8.91 鈮80 251x 270x88 2700
OR-FLSMDB 200W  85-277VAC 200W SMD 2014  0.6w, 312 0.92 26000 130LM/W 212 53.01 23.56 13.25 鈮80 251x 330x88 3860
OR-FLSMDB300W  85-277VAC 300W SMD 2014  0.6w, 468 0.92 39000 130LM/W 285 71.26 31.68 17.82 鈮80 505x 270x88 5402
OR-FLSMDB 400W  85-277VAC 400W SMD 2014  0.6w, 624 0.92 52000 130LM/W 414 106.02 47.12 26.5 鈮80 505x 330x88 5485
OR-FLSMDB 500W  85-277VAC 500W SMD 2014  0.6w, 780 0.92 65000 130LM/W 549.5 137.4 61.05 34.35 鈮80 505x 420x88 5564



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